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Christmas Party 2022

Our Recent Work

Independence Day 2020

This year's Chapter Independence Day celebration was a BLAST!

Support for our mission:

Our support for other veteran causes:

Wounded Veterans of Oklahoma

This video from WVO illustrates the need for veteran social opportunities and showcases the wide spectrum of activities that are available as well as CVMA® 10-1's continued commitment to providing support to veterans and veteran support organizations.

Additional sources of motivation:

Patch on My Back

Happy Birthday Soldiers!

This is the 247th Army Birthday Message.

Happy Birthday Sailors!

This is the 247th Navy Birthday Message.

Happy Birthday MARINES!

This is the 247th Marine Corps Birthday Message.

Happy Birthday COASTIES!

This is the 232nd Coast Guard Birthday Message.

Happy Birthday Airmen!

This is the 75th Air Force Birthday Message.

Happy Birthday Guardians!

This is the 3rd Space Force Birthday Message.